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Special services

Our Special Services division handles the requirements of clients who have unique needs. This typically includes highly valuable, urgent, fragile, delicate or otherwise sensitive goods and services. We have a dedicated team who build unique solutions for unique clients.

Case study- Medical Devices

Our client supplies around the clock emergency medical equipment to hospitals in Ireland. This service is available 24/7 365 days a year. The medical devices supplied are used for trauma surgery and are required on demand, in a hurry. Failure to deliver the devices within a specific time frame can have catastrophic consequences. 
Having listened closely to our client, we set about building a robust solution. The high value and delicate nature of the equipment used means it must be kept in secure lock down at all times, so we created a dedicated secure storage facility. We are on call at all times and have a hand picked team of drivers who carry out all deliveries. We have not once failed to meet our agreed SLA. Here’s what our customer says; 

‘…we pride ourselves on the level of personal service we provide to each of our customers, be it a patient in the community or surgeon in theatre. In choosing companies we partner with we seek those that will enhance and compliment the level our service we provide. We choose Cyclone Couriers Special Services to partner with for the delivery of our time critical Medical Devices. David and his team have consistently demonstrated a commitment to us and our customers far exceeding any service level agreements in place. This results in positive feedback from our customers on the efficiency of the service we provide, purely through the commitment of the dedicated members of staff at Cyclone Couriers Special Services. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cyclone.’


Case study – International Document Processing

Our customer is a US based organisation who processes trade documents on behalf of their clients. This process can only be carried out at the appropriate location in person. Acting as an agent for our customer we arrange to carry out this authentication process. This can involve the pre-payment of fees, queueing, printing and the safe return of original documentation next day to the US. Our customer says; 

‘Your service is the best on all levels comparing with all other couriers we have dealt within Europe in the past 5 years’.

If our client needs us to drive through the night, stand in a queue or get on a plane that’s what we’ll do. We make your business our business.  
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