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Here's a sample of what some of you did this year

We have been taken aback by the kindness and generosity shown by many of our competition entrants. It's obvious that there are some really amazing people out there who perform genuine acts of kindness. Isn't that what Christmas is all about. Thank you all.  

I gave a sleeping bag and a tent to a homeless charity on facebook
— well done you
Last 5 euro till pay day and I was walking to work decided to buy a homeless man a cup of tea
— legend
I volunteer on Monday’s for Children in Hospital Ireland in Crumlin hospital
— 100% nice list
I spent any spare time I have over 2 months this year knitting small blankets for the neonatal units for premature babies in the coombe hospital. I managed to to make 6 little blankets, so hopefully they’re keeping littles babies warm.
— what a kind thing to do
Two years ago I won a giant chocolate Santa and everyone thought it would be a good idea to raffle it or auction it for charity. As a huge chocoholic the thoughts off this killed me so I lied and said I left it in work over Christmas when really it was hidden in my wardrobe to have all for myself!! (Naughty)
After eating it all in less than a week I felt bad so went and bought €100 worth off chocolate Santa’s/sweets and goodies and brought them to temple street hospital!! (Nice)
— love it
I Sponsored a Christmas hamper and child’s gift for a family who is less fortunate in the community of Ballymun.
— santa is stopping at your house
Cut and dyed my elderly neighbors hair for her, she is housebound
— everyone needs someone like this
I think and hope i have been good I give my elderly neighbour his dinner every evening all year round and he comes to my house for Christmas dinner. His name is Frank and he loves loves Chocolate.

— frank is fortunate to have a neighbour like you
A nice thing I had done with my wife this year was when we were giving used stuff away. Among them was a boys bike. Among the callers I picked a lady who called and said they would like the bike for 8 year old boy who was just going through chemo due to his cancer illness.
When the lady came to our house to collect the bike the bike was gone. We have been away that day and since I was giving away few other things like girl’s bike, fridge and so on we left the items outside our house and agreed with individuals to come and collect them. Someone has taken the boys bike as well. We have received a call from the lady heartbroken that the bike wasn’t there. We have posted on our estate Facebook page a message if anybody else had any boy’s bike they would like to donate to this boy but since no one has responded we went to Argos and picked a new one and delivered it to the family;o)
— just incredible!
Stopped to help a lady change her flat tyre on her car.
— arise sir knight