Cyclone Document Storage  

Cyclone Archive provides secure storage solutions from our facility in Finglas, North Dublin.

Our software tracks every box and document, providing a detailed history and audit trail. Our barcode tracking system allows us to access your documents and files within minutes and have them despatched to you upon request. Documents can be retrieved and delivered within hours in an emergency.

Our state-of-the-art facility is fitted with CCTV cameras, fire-proof vaults and is supervised 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Customers switching to Cyclone save an average of 40% on their storage costs.

Cyclone Archive is the only storage provider in Dublin who does not invoke punitive exit clauses.

Our secure viewing room enables you to review your retrieved documents in a private and comfortable environment.

Cyclone Archive also supply heavy duty archive storage boxes at very competitive rates.



Cyclone Data Storage  

Cyclone Archive can also store data in a variety of media.

These include data tapes, disks & hard drives. We also offer tape rotation services. This is carried out by our trained staff and can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly to meet with your requirements. 

Should you require destruction of sensitive data or hard drives, our shredding division will shred these beyond use, ensuring they cannot be reconstructed.

Cyclone Archive is a member of PRISM international.



Cyclone Document Scanning  

Cyclone Archives’ digital document scanning services put all of your documents and images a key stroke away.

Hard copy documents are not always easy to find. Having access to scanned images available from your desktop is a fantastic facility, and greatly reduces the chances of misplacing documents in the workplace.

The average organisation makes 19 copies of every document, loses one out of every twenty, and office workers can spend 400 hours a year looking for lost and misplaced files. Between 1% and 5% of all documents are misfiled.  

Scanned documents are indexed and stored in black & white or colour. Once scanned they can be retrieved in seconds. Cyclone Archive converts scanned documents into TIFF image format. TIFF images cannot be altered and are now widely accepted as legal documents. 

Should you have a large number of documents which require scanning, we provide trained staff to complete the project. If you’d prefer the documents to remain on site we can provide portable scanners to carry out the scanning at your premises.







Cyclone Archive and Lab Group join forces.

In 2009 Cyclone entered a joint venture with LAB, Luxembourg's leading document scanning company, specialising in the insurance and banking sector. LAB Ireland operates from our facility in Finglas, Dublin. This venture broadened our range of storage and scanning services.

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